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 5-Star LED Driver Series  5-Star LED Driver Series
 "Top Quality Performance with 5 Years Warranty"
  -  Top Quality Components including
Rubycon / Japanese Capacitors
  -  Private Label (Your Own Label) / OEM Products
  -  Various models up to 150W
  -  Built-in Active Power Factor Correction

  -  High Efficiency Designs
(Up to 95%) and Low THD   
  -  Extra Wide AC Input Voltage Range
(90-305 VAC)
  -  Multiple Protections: SCP, OLP, OVP, OTP
  -  Dustproof and Waterproof (IP66)
  -  Designed for Europe - CE, RoHS, SELV and REACH Compliant
  -  Meets EN61000-3-2, Class C, Standard
5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty


220LED LED driver


             IP66   RoHS   SELV    LPS   REACH     Class 2     Compliant
Company Profile   5-Star LED Driver Series

220LED.com is the low price leader in the manufacture of quality OEM and private label (your own label) LED drivers and LED power supplies. As a quality manufacturer, 220LED.com specializes in low cost, high efficiency and very durable constant current and constant voltage LED drivers and power supplies with various features and designs (such as special high input voltage designs for the India), for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications. Strategically located in Guangdong, China, the region's infrastructure and attributes offers 220LED.com's production facilities close proximity to our network of quality component suppliers, a large skilled and cost-effective workforce, and established transportation hub to the world which provides 220LED.com with numerous manufacturer cost advantages and very short lead times.


An ISO 9001 quality approved manufacturer, 220LED.com's production facilities combine modern production equipment and technology with advanced quality assurance systems and production techniques to be a highly efficient and capable manufacturer. 220LED.com's knowledgeable and experienced engineering team together with 220LED.com's trained production teams develop and produce high performance LED driver and power supply solutions that can meet the highest international standards in the industry. We work together with our customers to develop customized, quality solutions that best meet the needs of our customers for their particular application and the conditions at their location, such as the special durable and reliable designs we have developed to meet the fluctuating and high input voltage conditions in regions such as India. 220LED.com is committed to supplying our customers with first class service and the most cost-effective quality LED drivers and power supply products in the world.
Company / Manufacturer Facts

Guangdong, China

Production capacity:  500,000 LED power supply units per month

Workshop area:  90,000 square feet

Production lines:   5

Number of employees:  300+



220LED.com LED Driver Manufactuer

220LED.com Factory in Guangdong, China



220LED.com Production Line - LED Driver Manufacturer

220LED.com Production Line


5 Years Warranty

5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty


Top Quality Brand Components Inside


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LED Driver Indoor


OEM LED Driver Features Available

       ▫ OEM / Private Label Manufacturer
       ▫ Customized and standard models (3~150W+)
       ▫ Constant current and constant voltage designs
       ▫ Universal / full range AC input (90~318+VAC)
       ▫ Active Power Factor Correction up to PF>0.98
       ▫ High efficiency design: Up to 95% efficiency
       ▫ Dustproof and waterproof (IP66) models
       ▫ Multiple protections: SCP, OLP, OVP, OTP
       ▫ Designs for high input voltage conditions
       ▫ Compliance to worldwide safety standards
       ▫ RoHS, SELV, LPS and REACH compliant
       ▫ Numerous models CE certified
       ▫ Up to 5 years manufacturer's warranty

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